Harbour Environmental Group adheres to the principles of sustainability: people, planet and profits.  As industry leaders, we continuously prove that sustainability (environmental equilibrium) and prosperity (economic benefits) can be achieved: always.

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Alberta remains the most heavily regulated province for hydro-vac waste management in Canada.  As the Western-Canadian leader in hydro-vac waste treatment, we believe these stringent policies must be applied, not just federally but, internationally. 

don't believe us?

Well we have created a “Report Card” for the most heavily regulated area in North America, so let’s look at the numbers.

Harbour Environmental: by the numbers

Volume of water that is reclaimed and treated annually. 

+ 0

Equivalent amount to water people consume annually.

+ 0

Total weight of aggregate recovered for consumer reclamation and utilization.

+ 0

Equivalent weight in African elephants.

+ 0
African Elephants

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In total, Harbour Environmental Group remediates almost 10 per cent of non-contaminated hydro-vac waste every year. Imagine what we can accomplish when you join us.