what we do

the process

Hydro evacuation (hydro-vac) utilizes pressurized water to soften ground, while vacuums extract the softened “slurry” into contained vessels that are transported offsite for disposal or treatment. This method of excavation has increased in use for subsurface construction.  The accuracy reduces the risk of damaging existing underground utilities and causes less surface disturbance compared to traditional excavation methods. The hydro-vac slurry is comprised of approximately 60 per cent water and 40 per cent aggregate (soil, clay, sand, etc.). The physical nature of the slurry makes it difficult to handle and must be treated by a unique facility capable of separating the solid from the liquid.  Otherwise, the slurry must be dumped at an authorized waste management facility (landfill).

Harbour Environmental Group has developed technology that remediates slurry by-products, through a three-stage mechanical process, into aggregate and water components that are used for consumer resale.

Additionally, Harbour Environmental Group’s Alberta Environment and Parks’ approval is the first of its kind in Alberta, whereby the hydro-vac slurry we receive is recycled, and not dumped in a landfill. 

To ensure public safety, we test all material at our facilities for contaminants. Additionally, we have a comprehensive screening process of the aggregate and water by-products from our treatment facilities.

why we are pioneers

Industry leading service levels

We provide the fastest and most reliable hydro-vac waste turn-around facilities in Western Canada. We are available for on-call emergency disposal as well.

Recycled aggregate and water

Recycled aggregate and water are consistently sampled to confirm its safety for reuse. Aggregate is available for industrial and commercial back fill. Water is available for tank refill onsite, thus eliminating secondary stops.

Real-time ticket cost tracking

Scaling software provides real-time ticketing data for scheduled reporting. Provides transparent tracking for project management requirements instantaneously.

Regulatory record management

We collect and maintain detailed documentation required by the Alberta Environment and Parks ministry to protect our partners from ongoing liability issues.

Let's work together

Now that you know what we do, let us show you how, together, we are shaping a sustainable future. We can show you step-by-step the ways our parntership with help shape the industry.