who we are

Our commitment

Establishing partnerships that produce sustainable hydro-vac waste management solutions without limitations.

Our values

Safety – working everyday with a safety first mindset.

Sustainability – concern for the environment and commitment to sustainable action.

Innovation – doing things differently to make things better.

Accountability – we speak, we act and we do without ever compromising our integrity.

Collaboration – our partners not just another line on a spreadsheet.

Our future

We all win together:

  • We provide an environmentally conscious option to our partners that also makes sense to their bottom line.

Partners not customers:

  • We provide industry leading service turn-around times so that our partners can spend more time doing what they do best.

Not comfortable with the status-quo:

  • We improve and optimize every aspect of our process and technology.

We work better together:

  • We see the individuals on our teams as the most valuable resource, both internally and externally.

Act now, not later:

  • We have the responsibility to reduce waste in landfills through rehabilitation of treatable resources.
'In ten years we plan to divert over a million tonnes of waste annually from local landfills. The equivalent of 500,000 cars.'
Joseph Sullivan